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Mar 8, 2019

Hosts Michael J. Foy and Frank Mitchell meet up to discuss some movie news, as well as what they've been watching in the past two weeks!

-(1:08)"Midsommar" is coming August 9th this year and speculation abounds as to what to expect from Ari Aster's next film

-(8:35)The Oscars came and went. The hosts debate the various merits of the awards and how horror has been given short shrift.

-(25:57)Critters are coming back! (in TV Form)

-(31:05)Workin' Moms on Netflix is worth your time (according to Frank, even though he can't remember Catherine Reitman's name)

-(34:20) Mike Foy is watching The Ted Bundy Tapes and questions our fascination with serial killers.

-(39:26) The Matrix rundown video and Show Wrap-Up 

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